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At Paladin Investigation and Security we are always looking for quality individuals who strive to excel. We have been very successful in maintaining a large core group of officers.
All candidates are required to complete a comprehensive application and interview process. The application process includes the following:
Personal References - We require the candidate to provide us with two (2) personal references.

Previous Employment - Candidates must provide at least two (2) previous employment references. A previous employment verification request is sent to these employers to provide information about the previous employment history of the candidate.

Fingerprints - Each candidate is fingerprinted by the Department of Public Safety as part of the application process.

Criminal History Background Checks - Upon completing the application process, each successful candidate is subjected to a criminal history background check. Backgrounds are completed using a state and federal database.

Random Drug Screening – As part of employment, Executive Security's officers are subject to a random post-employment drug test.

Below is a link to our employment application. Please feel free to download it and deliver it to us.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your interest in Paladin Investigation and Security.